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The Pimpleton Agency

If not now.....then when?

The Pimpleton Agency partnered with North American Senior Benefits (an Integrity Marketing company) has been paving the way for the driven, the dreamers, the ones that won’t let their dreams die of living a life that matters; waking up to doing something that is truly good for everyone they meet and provide a life for their families that surpasses their imaginations.


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Who We Are

It’s Time you Happened to life and life not happen to you.

At, we are committed to excellence. Since our founding in 2016, we have been working hard to ensure a culture of progressive leadership in our industry but more importantly one of “family”. Offering unparalleled opportunities to reach and achieve personal and professional milestones once thought only reserved for those born on the “right side of the tracks”. We champion the “little guy”. The “underdog”. That’s who we are and that’s who we serve in the community. Paired with a training platform that is unmatched in the industry, our “Path to Prosperity” is a no-frills, guaranteed, step-by-step  way to surpass even your own belief about your capabilities. Our personal commitment is to help create 200 first generation millionaires before our eyes close for the last time. Which number will you be? 


Meet the Team

Here to Protect You


Gerald A. Pimpleton

Senior Broker

As a financial planner, keynote speaker, financial fitness coach; Gerald has spent over 15 years helping to grow revenues for business owners and dreams for middle Americans from coast to coast. Whether it's been in PEOs, Consulting, Financial Planning, Real Estate or Brand Management, he’s dedicated himself to preparing clients and colleagues for the ever-changing face of how business is done across this country. After building successful businesses in: Insurance/Retirement planning, mobile gaming, affiliate marketing, all natural health, beauty and household product marketing; he realized his  greatest fulfillment lies in helping others learn to make their money work harder for them than they work for it. There he found his lifelong purpose with North America Senior Benefits through a partnership with Greg Baden and Jordan Smith.

As a Keynote Speaker, he has empowered and invigorated audiences across the country with : "Growing Through What you Go Through", "Is your Why a Lie?”, "Embracing Your Pain by Hugging Your Hurt", "How to Break What Keeps You Broke" and (my personal favorite) "Manurity". I have been requested to share my strategies by companies such as StaffOne, LinkedIn, WealthWave, WFG + others. Listed among: Marketing Millionaires, Twitter Thought Leaders, Digital Marketing Rockstars and MLMGods.


What We Do

At the core, The Pimpleton Agency/ is a team of professionals specializing in providing quality protection since 2016. Since the start, we have been working hard to find better ways to serve the community. We are experts in Life Insurance, Retirement Strategies, Medicare and health care.  We offer almost inexhaustible variety of insurance products and unparallelled support on the worst day of our clients’ lives.....when they need it the most. We aren’t just their agents....we are their family. 

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How we protect our clients

A Personalized Approach to Your Insurance Needs


Individual Life/ Health Insurance

Ready for Anything

We offer a made from scratch plan tailored to meet your personal, ever-changing needs. Tell us your Individual life or health Insurance requirements and our experienced professionals will create or adjust a plan accordingly. Our team is happy to answer your questions and make personalised recommendations based on your input. We are here to represent you and make sure you receive the best possible insurance package suited to your needs.

Family Life and Health  Insurance

Your Source for Protection

At we know that different needs mean different policies. That is why our professionals work around the clock to make sure they meet your specific needs correctly. We take every safety measure precaution possible. That is why our Family Insurance Package is the best in the industry. Learn more by meeting with our agents.


Senior Life/ Health Insurance

Get the Coverage You Deserve

To avoid unnecessary worry about what the future holds, we ensure that you are covered. With established relationships with numerous carriers, let us put together the optimal Life Insurance proposal that offers the highest level of protection for you. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our experienced consultants. We’re here to supply you with the insurance you really need and to be there on the worst day of your family’s lives

Retirement and Investment planning 

The Protection You Need

It’s important to keep yourself protected. That is why offers the best possible Retirement and investment planning  in the industry, to guarantee that you and your family live your lives free of worries. Contact one of our consultants today to understand more about what we do and let us do all the work so you can relax for a change. You go to work everyday, right? Let’s put your money to work too!